Project Title: Urban Lights Pixelated
Role: AR Design & Design Research
Augmented Reality
Lens Studio
Timeframe: Two Weeks
Tools: Lens Studio, Snapchat, & Photoshop

This was my first time working with Snapchat & Lens Studio. After completing the tutorials, I created a lens and submitted to the challenge.


Even if you haven’t seen Urban Light, we want you to design a Lens that incorporates the artwork in a fun and unique way. Ultimately, we want to understand your individual interpretation of what this iconic piece of art says about LA or what it means to you. Our goal in this challenge is to understand how you would transport us to experience Urban Light in a fun, engaging, and interactive way given that we’ve been unable to experience this public art in person for a while.


I was excited to read the design brief for this assignment. I used to ride my bike around Urban Lights all the time when I lived in Miracle Mile. Researching Urban Lights and looking at pics made me all nostalgic and homesick. Since January of this year, I’ve lived in Chicago with plans to move back later this year. At first, I didn’t have much interest in creating lenses for Snapchat. After completing the tutorials and spending time with Lens Studio and Snap Camera, I take that all back! I have a lot to learn, and I will continue to experiment. I realize that my lens may not take full advantage of all that Lens Studio offers, but this assignment opened my eyes to a whole new medium that I enjoy. Not only that, but with Snap Camera, I can change my zoom backgrounds finally!


I created a Snapchat lens that pixelates the moving background of Urban Lights. When the viewer takes a selfie, their image is pixelated, too. If you are interested in trying my lens, open your Snapchat filters and search for my name. You can try out UrbanLightsPixelated or any of my other filters. Thanks!