Project Title: Epiphany Plants & Gems Logo Branding

Role: Graphic & Web Design

Skills: Sketching, Web Design, Graphic Design, Branding

Hardware Considerations & Software Considerations: Squarespace, Instagram, Illustrator, Photoshop, Google Drive, Zoom.

Key Dates:
May 19: Primary and Secondary Research.
May 24: Create a brand system.
May 26: Website Prototype & Ecommerce Solutions
May 28: User testing and feedback.
June 1: Website/eCommerce prototype based on user feedback.
June 10: Final

Project Visuals:

Problem: Epiphany Plants & Gems is a local Chicago business. They specialize in creating tailored plant and gem combination packages for clients. A card comes with each purchase that explains the significance of each gem included in the order. I created this logo for the business correspondence, online profile pictures, and the stickers attached to the packages. Currently, Epiphany Plants & Gems have an Instagram page and a placeholder website. This capstone is my proposal for what the new website can look like to entice more customers.

Insight: “I have a remarkable ability to turn dreams into reality and sell plants locally, but I need a lot of help on the social media front to develop my brand further and expand online sales.” - Devin B., owner of Epiphany Plants & Gems, LLC.

Solution: “Engage a social media expert to help solve my website and online store deficits.” - Devin B., owner of Epiphany Plants & Gems, LLC.
Proposed Sitemap:
Observational Competitive Analysis:
User Testing Report:

Name: Ric
Age: 45
Devices: iOS & Macbook
Income: $55K
Education level: Bachelor’s Degree - working on Masters
Quote: “The big, bold navigation buttons at the top are easy to see.”

Name: Isabel
Age: 30
Devices: iOS & PC
Income: $35K
Education level: working on Bachelor’s Degree
Quote: “I like the title overlays on the product images. I wonder if a different color would be easier to read.”

Experimental Prototyping:
Future Considerations:

I have been brainstorming ideas for a Snapchat lens that can be an addition to reach more customers. I want to create a shopping portal on Snapchat that would feature products floating around the customer's space. This experience could be for shopping or education on the various products that Epiphany Plants & Gems offers. For instance, something like this seven main chakras infographic might be helpful.
Another idea I had was to have the lens place plants and gems using augmented reality technology into customers' spaces, such as their shelves, floors, etc.

Reflections: I am so excited to share this website proposal with the client, Devin. If accepted, I will begin right away designing and making this site a reality. I am also quite excited to learn how to integrate an eCommerce website, implement search engine optimization, and launch.

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